Nov 2, 2021

3 min read

Scientists find 3 Ancient Secrets, How to Get Rid of Obesity.

Over the time of the last 10 years, the prevalence of obesity has been steadily increasing. What is obesity and its Causes?

Obesity is defined as an increase in weight due to the accumulation of body fat. We measure obesity in terms of BMI (Body Mass Index). According to international scientific criteria if a BMI is 20 percent greater than the individual ideal weight. Bodyweight is directly associated with someone’s health, somehow bodyweight varies gender, age, height, and health. A 15–20 percent increase in BMI defines someone as obese but clinically it doesn’t tell about someone’s health or how much fat someone possesses. BMI has three groupings


Healthy weight


Over weights, individuals are categorized as obese.

An old saying is that obesity is the mother of all diseases.

Nowadays obesity is a major challenge internationally because many diseases are born from obesity like diabetes and Heart attack hypertension. As it is major problem in the human population so scientists find these secrets to avoid obesity

The cavemen always depend on their legs to work, or do chores but the modern population always uses technology instead of walking. But our Genes have saved information when we walk. Cells and muscles consume energy when the body needs that energy. The body starts melting the fat and using it in the production of energy.

Walking has many benefits for our Health like it helps us increase cardiovascular health and pulmonary circulation, which is beneficial for our lungs. In the present era, Its covid 19 pandemic our cardiac and pulmonary health is much more important.

Walking also helps us to prevent Alzheimer's disease3.

Walking helps us to control our blood pressure or hypotension.

Simple food

What is simple food? A portion of simple food is low in sugar, low in fat, and high in fiber.

Ancient people had no access to sugar and fat as we have today or present era they live eating leaves and protein obtained from animals leaves has a high content of fiber. Proteins are an essential part of our cells. Proteins help us to fight disease. A balanced diet and simple diet can help you to reduce your body weight and live a happy life for the future as ancient men do


Ancient people had no stress and anxiety in their life as modern men. Stress and anxiety are directly proportional to obesity. As you are stressed, first of all, stress will change the chemistry of your body, the change in the chemistry of the body due to stress hormones leads to obesity. The more stress hormone cortisol produced in the Body, this Hormone causes fat to build up in the stomach and gain in body weight

As a result longer the exposure to stress the higher chances to get obese.

By watching our habits than changing them to a healthy lifestyle we can get off extra fatness from the body live a smart and healthy life.


Whatever the differences between ancient and modern men but the principle for healthy living is the same. Because when we live simple and do exercise or walk our Health naturally improves.